But You, O Lord

Psalm 102:12-22

And there was light! This is the contrast between any darkness we face in life and the moment the presence of God appears. It doesn’t matter how thick and vast our darkness can be, the presence of God changes everything. That’s what the psalmist is seeing, hope forward as he looks at God. There is hope and not just for him, but for his people and the country.

Oftentimes, our struggles are not ours alone, they echo the same conditions of many others and the country we share.


Like the body of the psalmist, Zion ( Jerusalem, the city of God) is broken and bruised. When we are broken we are made aware of all other brokeness. We can’t see brokenness when we ourselves are healthy.

So, we, together with the psalmist in our brokenness peel off any attention from ourselves and hope for God’s favour to fall on everybody who suffers, on the city and especially on the destitute.
GOD sends help and restoration to us and Zion very differently from the way we pray or expect Him to. We often miss seeing God’s glory and favour because our attention is elsewhere.
Forgive us Lord for looking to you then expecting our own outcomes.

( See Ephesians 2:4-5, Deuteronomy 7:9, Romans 11:33)