Help, Hope, Wow

Psalm 102:23-28

There is a rhythm I have found that we live out when it comes to our spiritual formation. There is-prayer then learning and relearning to hope and trust in the Lord and there is amazement, always.

Our psalmist is showing that rhythm too. Help, Hope and Waw.
The realisation that we need help and that we can’t do it by ourselves keeps us on our knees.
The pull of the flesh and the world and the evil are relentless at convincing us to try and do it our way and the learning to hope and trust God’s timing is a constant battle.

The marvellous turn out of events when we let God be God because He is very good at that, amazes us, always.
Wen we learn and live how to pray, how to hope and how to stay in amazement is not just good for us, but it’s a script to the next generations coming. They join the rhythm, they join the eternal dance.

God establishes us and he establishes our children. Prayer, Hope and Glory keep our perspective on the eternal.

( See 1 Peter 5:8, James 4:7, Ephesians 3:21, Joel 1:3)