His True Colours

Psalm 103:6-10

God is not like us. We are quick-tempered and slow to show tenderness, but He is slow in anger and rich in love and mercy.


That’s why is difficult sometimes to know and understand God, for He is unique and the riches of His love and kindness are far more than we can imagine or understand.
Can you imagine the distance from the earth to the heavens? That’s how long His mercies expound to us. Can west and east join in a line together? That’s how God has dealt with our sins. He has put them far far away. It’s not that God is soft and passive, it’s not that His holiness and righteous are ignored, more that His love has been poured down to us through Jesus Christ who bore our sins and granted us freedom.
When we were deep in sin and mire God send His son to reconcile us to Himself in love. That’s when we know and see someone’s true colours, when we are down when we are nobodies when we are weak.

Dear Lord, open our eyes and hearts to see the vastness of your tenderness and care for us. You who loved us then will love us forever now. Waw!

( See Lamentations 3:22-23, Romans 5:8, John 15:13)