The Universal Symphony

Psalm 103:18-22

There is an eternal connection between our ‘soul blessing God’ and everything else that God has made ‘blessing God together.’

When we bless and praise the Lord, we join this universal symphony together with the angels, yes the strong and mighty host of heaven in blessing and praising our God.
Our hearts are not alone in blessing our God.
The sunrise each morning sings praises to the maker. Birds singing and dancing give glory to God. Animals running and prancing tell of God’s joy. Trees and flowers display God’s beauty. The sea and the sky dance with the creation. Friends, when we urge our soul to bless God, we notice that everything that had breath praises Him with us. We are not alone and we must use our voice and song to join the universal symphony. Bless the Lord, remember all His benefits and rejoice in the song of salvation played endlessly by God’s creation.

( See Nehemiah 9:6, Colossians 1:16, Isaiah 55:13)