Over and Over Again

Psalm 106:40-47

God can not be with sin, but He never gives up on the sinner.

That is a mind-blowing truth that needs some pause and ‘selah’ time to wrap our minds to, but it’s true nevertheless.
We see this pattern over and over again through the whole scripture, from the beginning to the end, God runs after us with the greatest reconciliation message. He is relentless and never gives up.
There is no person that can shock Him. There is no sin that He can not forgive. There is no one that He prevents to see His grace poured through the cross.

If you have broken the law, He has kept it all. If you have lied to gain self-justice, He is the truth that can set you free. If you are ashamed, He has dealt with guilt and shame once and forevermore. If you feel betrayed, poor, lost, stuck, weak, worthless, broken…Jesus came to restore and save you and me, my friend.
He never gives up on you.

( See 1 Corinthians 1:7, Matthew 9:36, Romans 2:4)

Standing the Gap

Psalm 106:23-27

You will be hurt. There is no doubt about that my friend. Any child of God will not have different treatment than the master, Jesus Christ.

If we stand in the gap between people coming to know Jesus as their Lord and saviour we will be hurt. If we follow Jesus and His Lordship we will be hurt. If we stand for the kingdom, we will be hurt. If we serve selflessly we will be hurt.

Moses, the servant of God stands in the gap between God and His people during their exodus from Egypt. He gets criticised, wronged, accused of being not a good leader, despised, scorned at and yet, he pleads with God to spare the lives of the people, he fights for the very community that despises him.

Jesus, the real Moses, was too rejected and shunned. He was dismissed and punished for bridging the widest gap ever, the chasm between the Holy God and the fallen man.
Now, if we are hurt for His sake, we suffer not alone. He is with us and for us. The biggest gap has already been crossed by Him, the hurt that we face we face with Him. In His strength, for His glory.

Courage standing that gap my friend.

( See Deuteronomy 9:25, Ezekiel 22:30, Matthew 5:10-12)

What is at the Core of Unhappiness

Psalm 106:13-22

All the time that we place our happiness in a moving thing, happiness will run away from us. What we worship the most, has the most of our lives.

An idol is something or someone that has us convinced that without ‘it’ life has not got any meaning. GOD, is the only one who can be that. Anything or anyone else can’t carry that weight.
We are created to worship and worship we must, but when what we worship is our bellies (selfish desires, ego and our success) that is about to end in disaster. That’s why we are mostly unhappy.

Building a golden calf in the desert did not affect the glory of God, but corrupted the Israelites further. Idols do that. Not only that they demand our attention and wealth, but they pollute our being.
Sin festered as the idol was lifted up. Immorality, ingratitude, rage, conflict and death rose up, so did unhappiness.
When we worship God joy increases. When we lift up the name of Jesus everything we hold dear and love finds the right place in our hearts. When we praise God, our lives fulfil their purpose.

( See Matthew 22:37-40, Jeremiah 10:3-5, Hosea 13:4)

Yo-Yo Belief

Psalm 106:6-12

By nature, we are unthankful, forgetful to God’s grace and dissatisfied with God’s way. From the very beginning of our story, we have this narrative of siding with God only when we see it benefiting.
If life is good we dismiss God, when life is bad we denounce Him.

Israelites walking in the desert with God for decades were constantly living in this yo-yo theology. When they sow God deliver provisions and powerful miracles they worshipped Him. When their bellies were grumbling and their bodies were thirsty they whined about Him.

We are not called believers for nothing. We must believe in God.
If He comes in the time we did not expect, if He tells us to wait, if He chooses another path for us o follow – we stand with Him.
It’s difficult at times and I am not saying here that we don’t stumble upon overwhelming situations that shake our faith. Still, through millennials, God has demonstrated to us people who follow Him that He is faithful and can be trusted.

When we are down, let us look up.

( See Hebrews 10:23,35, 1 Corinthians 16:13, Colossians 1:23)

The Most Spiritual Prayer

Psalm 106:5-6

This ‘perfect’ prayer of the psalmist in verses 4 and 5 gives us a glimpse of what the aching soul benefits mostly on.

Salvation, the success of the people and shared joy.

Spurgeon said: There is no salvation apart from the Lord, and he must visit us with it or we shall never obtain it. We are too sick to visit our Great Physician, and therefore he visits us.

Success is best enjoyed when it sees others succeed too. In the kingdom of God, we don’t succeed separately, but we aspire to see others also fulfil their call and purpose in life. Success is obedience to God. When we obey our Lord, we are living a successful life.

Joy is not joy unless is shared. We can’t be stingy with joy. The little bit of joy when shared multiplies, when kept to itself dies. To realise that is to know what it really means to be loved and delighted by God.

( See Proverbs 16:3, Jeremiah 17:7, James 4:10)

The habit of Justice

Psalm 106:1-3

This psalm like the one above tells also the story of God’s people but mostly the reverse side of the coin. The psalmist focuses on the way how sin affects people and the persistent steadfast love of God which is always present.

We keep sinning and God keeps saving.


Still, God’s mercy and saving grace should be acknowledged through our righteous acts. The way we live shows the way we love. When we love God we will walk in His righteousness and justice.
It’s about replacing the habit of sinning with the habit of justice living. This is done by knowing and understanding the grace of God in our lives through Jesus Christ. We have been given the immeasurable wealth of grace for all our weakness and stumbling, we can’t fall out of the love of God. Knowing this should make us happy doing the right thing, comprehending that truth should put us deep into the justice living habit.

( See Romans 6:4, 1 Corinthians 10:13, 1 John 1:7)

Joy is our Birthright

Psalm 105:41-45

It pleases God to give His people freedom. It’s is for freedom that Christ has set us free ( Galatians 5:1). God brought out the Israelites from slavery with His right hand of power and through His servant Moses.

Still, the people fell into several different bondage and lost their freedom and joy on the way, we do too. But God, rich in mercy and grace sends Jesus to free us from the slavery of sin, fulfil the Law and make us a new people, a joyful people.
Freedom and joy are in the fact that there are no longer any powers and dominions that can enslave us who are in Christ. The power of the law has been dealt with, the dominion of sin has been paid for.

We are free people.


Have you seen the joy of a guilty prisoner who has been set free? Not only that but to him is given grace, pardon and provision for the rest of his life. That’s is an astonishing story, that is our story.
You are free my friend, rejoice and enjoy the abundance of this liberty and love we have in Jesus Christ our Lord.

( See Galatians 4:7, Romans 14:17, Galatians 5:22-23)

Mana and Manners

Psalm 105:37-40

God provides for us in His way and in His time, what’s left for us to do is have good manners as we wait.

People of God left the land of slavery not wanting anything. Their financial needs were met, their bodies were healthy and fit, their food and drink were provided daily. What else could they want more? What else could we want? Still, a lingering of ‘never enough’ consumes us all.

The Eden curse of ‘God is not giving us the best’ hunts us relentlessly.
We can be so much focused on what we don’t have that we loathe what we do. Our manners slip and our complaints colour the atmosphere turning the provision of God into vexation.
Moses, provoked by the constant accusations and anger of people missed seeing the promised land. What miracles are we missing out on by employing bad manners?

( See Philippians 4:19, Ephesians 3:20-21, Jude 1:16)

The Price of Harden Heart

Psalm 105:29-36

God steers evil towards His purpose, but He does not engineer it.
The hearts of man are hardened and worn away by unbelief and sin.

God in His mercy shows us time and time again the corruption of our hearts. He does that often by eliminating the props that our hearts stand on. The ten plagues of Egypt were a demonstration of the authority and superiority of God to humble peoples hearts and bring them to repentance.

The price of a heart of sin and unbelief is ruin, but the reward of a redeemed heart is eternal joy.


Jesus Christ endured the hardness of the cross to bring us salvation that would soften our hearts and set us free from the blindness of sin and unbelief. He paid with His precious blood so that life would flow in our stony hearts.
Hope in God today and remember not to harden your heat in unbelief when darkness cover the earth.

( See Hebrews 3:8, Proverbs 28:13-14, Jeremia 17:9, Ezekiel 36:26)

Spiritual Wasteland

Psalm 105:23-28

The people of Israel were welcomed in the land of Egypt during the time that Joseph was alive and hated later.
We all go through seasons of ‘spiritual depression’
The people that once loved us, don’t seem to do anymore.
The prayer that worked before, it’s not working anymore.
The worship that encouraged before does not seem to raise the encouragement needle now.

The ultimate cause of all spiritual depression is unbelief.

Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones

The incredible thing about unbelief is that unbelief is easier seen in others than in ourselves. We can recognize unbelief in the Israelite people wandering in the desert for decades.
One day they are happy and all hallelujahs and the next day building a golden calf and about to stone Moses. Unbelief hardens the heart and manipulates the mind. It makes us depend on our feelings and not faith. Genuine truth on the other hand keeps our hearts soft and our minds alert to the Spirit of God. The presence of God ( cloud and fire) was with the Israelites in the wasteland. Moses and Aaron were prepared to guide people. Still, people were full of disbelief and ready to rebel.
Are you in a spiritual wilderness right now? How can you detect that and what are you going to do to keep your eyes on God during this dry season?

( See 1 John 4:4, 1 Peter 5:8, Ephesians 6:13, James 1:2-3)