Supply and Satisfaction

Psalm 104:10-14

My parents are farmers. Rain and water are very important to their livestock and their lifestyle. Water needs to be supplied at the right time not just anytime. They can harness the river and some fountain to help out, but unless the Lord waters the grounds and satisfies the plants and the animals with His water supply all life is at risk.
Farmers know best the provision and the satisfaction of the Lord’s hand. There are thanksgiving and praise for the provision of the Lord.
Have you seen how the dry and thirsty land is satisfied with rain? Have you experienced joy like the plants and animals saturated in God’s provision? The wild donkey ( insignificant as he may look to us) is cared for in detail by God, birds sing for joy and the earth is satisfied.

God made sure that our thirsty souls could experience the abundant waters of salvation from our Lord Jesus Christ. He supplies the only one that can satisfy our hearts and give us the water of eternal life.
Have you tasted that water, my friend? Are you satisfied?

( See Acts 14:17, Matthew 6:26, Job 5:10, 28:26)