Dependence and Delight

Psalm 104:25-35

‘Give us this day our daily bread’ ( Matthew 6:11) is a prayer of dependence and delight.
We depend on our God to send the rain so that the crops will grow and give their fruit. God maintains our earthy life. He put breath in our lungs and supplies for our bodies daily. He does that with plants, animals and us alike. We rely on Him. Our tables, bellies and heart are filled by our creator. Everything necessary to sustain life comes from God, we depend on Him and we delight with Him.
When we see God as the creator and the maintainer of life we rejoice and participate in his plan of renewal.

Earth is not as it should be, plants are not as they should be, animals are not as they should be, we are not as we should be, but Jesus promises to renew to perfection all nature and world, our bodies and hearts forever.
Lord, helps us rejoice in the work of thy hand as you do.

( See Romans 8:19, 23, 1 Corinthians1:8, Colossians 3:4)