Unbroken Covenant

Psalm 105:7-11

There is no understanding of God’s redemptive story without knowing what covenant means. Covenant is different from a contrate ( a pact when pairs enter into a quid pro quo agreement)

From Genesis on, God enters into formal relationships with different people in the Bible in order to save and rescue the world.
Abraham, Isaac and Jacob are but a few of the people He entered into a covenant until the story reached its climax with Jesus Christ.

Deriving from the Hebrew language from the same roots as the word ‘cut’ or the Latin ‘coming together’ covenant in the Bible, gives this idea of a formal pact between God and His people coming together and agreeing on His promises. The agreement often required a sacrifice as a seal. The sacrifice was God’s promise for His faithfulness.

This is the nature of God. He gives and He keeps His promises from generation to generation. The chief promise being the provision of the unblemished lamb. Jesus Christ. He was cut and crushed by the weight of our sin so that the promise of God is fulfilled. Yes, all the promises that he spoke to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were ultimately fulfilled by Jesus, our Lord who united us with God.
He keeps His word to the end, even if we don’t keep our part of the arrangement. He is the covenant keeper.

( See Deuteronomy 7:9, Isaiah 54:10, Romans 5:8)