Wondering in the Wild

Psalm 105:12-15

If you are waiting for God to fulfil His promises to you, you are not alone. Waiting can feel like wondering and wondering can feel wasteful, but let me tell you this: although waiting is not fun, it tells us to focus on the faithfulness and timing of God.
If we look through the Bible and our lives we can observe how people and we dealt with ‘waiting seasons’ in our lives.

I can tell you that there is no art to waiting well.


We all get impatient (traffic jams) irritable ( when people don’t catch up at the same speed as us) angry and make mistakes while waiting. But GOD, knowing how we are, puts us through ‘wandering in the wild’ seasons time and time again to show us His love and help us lean on Him. We need to trust God protection and provision as we wander in the wilderness.

( See Lamentations 3:25, Isaiah 30:18, James 5:7-8)