The Discipline of Distress

Psalm 105:16-22

The journey from the dream to destiny must go through the distress path.

Think of Joseph, he is a dreamer. His dreams are not his but God’s. God sees time differently from us and plans provision ahead of the problem. He uses people to fulfil His dreams and that’s why this can be a bit ridiculous in the eyes of those who can not see Him.
Joseph is sharing his dream with his parents and brothers and all he gets is laughter and scorn. He is sincere, yet sincerely wrong in the way he does it.

The dream is true, yet his character is not ready yet for the dream.

So, God in His wisdom and love takes Joseph to a path where pain, prison and serving in the palace would mould his personality and attitude for the times coming. The distress discipline that Joseph goes through it’s but a foretaste to what Jesus Christ went through to fulfil God’s dream which is you and me redeemed forever.

Does this truth comforts you in the middle of the distress you are going right now?

( See Hebrews 12:11, Proverbs 10:17, Job 5:17-18)