Spiritual Wasteland

Psalm 105:23-28

The people of Israel were welcomed in the land of Egypt during the time that Joseph was alive and hated later.
We all go through seasons of ‘spiritual depression’
The people that once loved us, don’t seem to do anymore.
The prayer that worked before, it’s not working anymore.
The worship that encouraged before does not seem to raise the encouragement needle now.

The ultimate cause of all spiritual depression is unbelief.

Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones

The incredible thing about unbelief is that unbelief is easier seen in others than in ourselves. We can recognize unbelief in the Israelite people wandering in the desert for decades.
One day they are happy and all hallelujahs and the next day building a golden calf and about to stone Moses. Unbelief hardens the heart and manipulates the mind. It makes us depend on our feelings and not faith. Genuine truth on the other hand keeps our hearts soft and our minds alert to the Spirit of God. The presence of God ( cloud and fire) was with the Israelites in the wasteland. Moses and Aaron were prepared to guide people. Still, people were full of disbelief and ready to rebel.
Are you in a spiritual wilderness right now? How can you detect that and what are you going to do to keep your eyes on God during this dry season?

( See 1 John 4:4, 1 Peter 5:8, Ephesians 6:13, James 1:2-3)