Mana and Manners

Psalm 105:37-40

God provides for us in His way and in His time, what’s left for us to do is have good manners as we wait.

People of God left the land of slavery not wanting anything. Their financial needs were met, their bodies were healthy and fit, their food and drink were provided daily. What else could they want more? What else could we want? Still, a lingering of ‘never enough’ consumes us all.

The Eden curse of ‘God is not giving us the best’ hunts us relentlessly.
We can be so much focused on what we don’t have that we loathe what we do. Our manners slip and our complaints colour the atmosphere turning the provision of God into vexation.
Moses, provoked by the constant accusations and anger of people missed seeing the promised land. What miracles are we missing out on by employing bad manners?

( See Philippians 4:19, Ephesians 3:20-21, Jude 1:16)