Over and Over Again

Psalm 106:40-47

God can not be with sin, but He never gives up on the sinner.

That is a mind-blowing truth that needs some pause and ‘selah’ time to wrap our minds to, but it’s true nevertheless.
We see this pattern over and over again through the whole scripture, from the beginning to the end, God runs after us with the greatest reconciliation message. He is relentless and never gives up.
There is no person that can shock Him. There is no sin that He can not forgive. There is no one that He prevents to see His grace poured through the cross.

If you have broken the law, He has kept it all. If you have lied to gain self-justice, He is the truth that can set you free. If you are ashamed, He has dealt with guilt and shame once and forevermore. If you feel betrayed, poor, lost, stuck, weak, worthless, broken…Jesus came to restore and save you and me, my friend.
He never gives up on you.

( See 1 Corinthians 1:7, Matthew 9:36, Romans 2:4)