Breaker of Chains

Psalm 107:10-22

We might not be inside a physical prison right now, but we can be in chains nevertheless. Sins can imprison like nothing else can. Sickness can restrain more than prison bars can. Sin is addictive, destructive and disastrous.

The Captives and the suffering are amongst others who come and give thanks to God in this psalm.

Freedom is granted by the free.


Jesus Christ came to set the captive free and heal the body and the soul forever. He is the only one who can really set us free, and He is the one whose words rebuke any sickness.

It does not matter the reason why we are in prison or sick right now. Whether it was our own foolishness and self-destructive nature, or life with its own immoral world that brought us here, the truth remains that salvation is one step towards the saviour of the world who alone can forgive and heal us forever.

Send your Word Lord, and set your people free.

( See Isaiah 61:1, Acts 12:7, Matthew 8:8-13)