But I Prayer

Psalm 109:1-7

If prayer is our first response to life, our life will be but a prayer.
Even when life seems overtaken by problems let us be all prayer like David in this psalm. It’s clear that he is in trouble. For the mouth of the wicked works relentlessly against the righteous. There are unfairness and accusations in life that can bring even a patient man to the brick of collapse.

Praise and prayer are at the start of his plea.
David is not a religious man praying only when trouble knocks on his door, no, he prayers constantly with an open heart.
Prayer gets us closer to God, makes us inmates with Him where we can speak openly, sincerely and frankly.

God can handle all prayers, are we all prayer though?

( See 1 John 5:15, 1 Chronicles 16:11, Ephesians 6:18)