Angry Rants

Psalm 109:8-14

We know from the Bible that David was a nonvindicative individual.

Even when people crossed him badly and threaten to kill him, he let God bring him justice. These angry rants of him recorded in this psalm tell of his righteous anger and frustration with his so-called friends. He does not hold back so to speak, he presents his heart raw before God. I must say that his honesty makes me cringe and uncomfortable, still, it’s honesty before God. We don’t know if the words he utters here are a response to what his enemies had whispered for him and his family. All we know is that he is not afraid to cite them.
It’s wise to open our hearts to God and wait for Him to act before we vent at people. We can sure rant, but in the end, he is and must be our vindicator.

Dear Lord, you tell us to love our enemies because we too were your enemies, but Christ love on the cross has broken any partition wall between us. Let us look to Him and not ourselves for justice.

( See Matthew 5:44, 1 John 4:7, Romans 5:10)