He will not Change His Mind

Psalm 110 :1-7

We change our minds when life gets hard, God does not.
No matter how far humanity went with the sinning and the vice, God went even further with the grace and His mercy. Century after century, king after king, empire after empire God patiently waits for the right moment to send His King and Priest. He would be different from all kings that have gone before and those that would come after Him, for the Messiah, the God-man will bring His kingdom through His love and peace. He would be the one to rule with righteous and justice, authority and unity. No blood will be shed to establish His kingdom, just His.
By his sacrifice people would taste freedom and joy. Because of Him, God stands true by your side my friend. He that established your freedom will continue to be by your side until we see Him face to face.

Dear Lord, your Word is true and power, help us to share that with courage and care.

( See Hebrew 6:17-20, Numbers 23:19, Isaiah 40:8, John 1:1)