Hands that Feel and Mouth that Speaks

Psalm 115:1-8

We become what we behold. Whether that is our beauty, our work, people’s approval, fame, power etc what matters to us the most, moulds us into it’s image. The Bible calls everything that takes God’s place in our lives an idol.
All idols stand mute before our God.

They might have mouths and ears and nose and feet and hands, but they are incapable of sustainable help. When we need them the most, they mostly let us down. We are made by God and for God, until He fills that place everything else will be just a cold sculpture to our most desperate longings. Jesus touched Peter mother in law who was in bed and shivering sick and she got healed immediately. His hands healed the sick, touched the lepers, patted the children and comforted the hurting.
His mouth spoke and light broke the darkness. His mouth silenced storms, sickness and demons. His mouth is speaking to you and me right now, and His hand is hovering around us all in love.

( See Luke 4:38-40, Genesis 1:3, John 10:27-28)