His Love Never Quits

Psalm 118:1-13

I am sure King David can claim this psalm as his, for his penmanship is unmistakable, I too would like to see Psalm 118 as my psalm.
For it is a psalm of victory and help, a psalm of thanksgiving and joy, a psalm of pressure and proclamation, a psalm of warning and of wonders. This psalm is our lives expanding before our eyes.

This line of the Love of God never quitting is hard to bypass. Relentless at all the time, God never quits on us. Not that we deserve it, but more that He is like that, forever staying by our side.

People will perish
Princes will part
Celebrities will cease
Wealth will wither

All we see and relay on right now will one day forsake us, but God never will.His Love never quits!
Dear Lord, let that truth never leave our minds and hearts so that we live out our lives in full dependence on you.

( See Isaiah 31:1, Amos 5:4, John 20:29)