Salvation, Strength and Song

Psalm 118:14-20

We fight to many battles alone. We relay on our strengths, our skills and our senses to give us success. But the best weapons we have as believers are prayer and trust in God. This feels simple and hard at the same time I will give you that, that’s why we side on the self-sufficient side. All victories recorded in the stories of the Bible came from a place of rest and not strife. Moses tell people to not worry but trust in God for the victory is already won (Exodus 14:13-14). His song in Exodus 15 is but a simple response to that occurrence. Joshua tells people to be quiet because the walls of Jericho will crumble at the sound of praise and not struggle. ( Joshua 6:20)
Deborah sang as saw God to have the last word in the battle. ( Judges 5)
King Asa knew he was not alone to face his foe, but he rested in God’s strength ( 2 Chronicles 14:11)
Through Jesus Christ we have been granted salvation, why we doubt that strength (resources and refuge) will come from Him when we struggle?
Let us sing ( be joyful and thankful) together, for we will live forever and not die, we will see the face and the force of God forevermore.

( See John 16:33, Isaiah 12:2, Habakkuk 3:18)