The Way to a Happy Life

Psalm 119:1-24

I remember one time in The South of France when my husband and I met a business woman that was retired but her working experience had been dealing with the most prestigious clients in the world .
We asked her to tell us about one valuable lesson that she had learned during her successful career negotiating with people many see and admire to be like. “Look how negotiations start at the beginning she said, because it’s the way it will be all the way through. Look at the beginning and you will have an idea about the middle process and the end.
The Bible says that our beginning starts with the Word. ( See John 1:1)
So, our happiness in life and our glorious future are closely related to the Word of God. When we treasure the word, when we obey the word, when we walk in the word, we are in the path of happy Life. A blessed life is a life in the Word. The word is not a legalistic set of rules to be mindlessly kept, but a love letter to be lived. What comes out of the mouth of the Almighty is to be a delight for us and not drudgery.
Does the word of God and happiness are connected for you? Do you delight in the Word of God? Psalm 119 explores in detail in which way the word of God makes us happy.

( See Luke 11:28, Matthew 4:4, 24:35, John 15:7)