Counselling Word

Psalm 119:81-96

Our world is at a hopeless place right now. Most of Europe has just introduced more lockdowns and restrictions with the third wave of Cavid 19 pandemic approaching. There is a sense of desperation ( very much like our psalmist at verse 81), loss of strength and faint of heart in many people. As believers we can be discouraged but not diminished, because our hope is in the Word of God and not with the world.
Life can dry our strength, wither our courage and shake our faith, but it will never consume us when we dwell in the word of God.
His Word revives us, His Word is settled and faithful through the ages, His Word established the earth and keeps it going.
When all comfort seems to go away, the Word of God is our comfort.
The Word comes with counselling and life, for the Word is alive.
His Word gives us strength and wisdom, guidance and peace, joy and assurance that we are His and He is ours, forever.
All in this world has it’s limits, good and bad alike, but the Word of God is boundless. Many think that faith in the Bible and the Lord Jesus presents a narrow perspective, yet, the opposite is the truth.
The Word of God may seem narrow at first glance, but when is believed is the broader of all. In contrast, everything else seems wider at first but ends up to be the most narrow and suffocating thing to abide to.

Dear Lord, counsel us in your love.

( See Isaiah 9:6, Matthew 7:13-14, John 2:25, 2 Timothy3:16)