My Shade

Psalm 121:1-9

When I was young there was no cars or transportation to reach places within a 10-15 km radius. My grandmother and I use to walk to see my aunties and other relatives. During the winter months, although cold, the walking seemed to keep us warm by hurrying. The summer heat for me was the hardest. I tended to get headaches by the heat during those trips and my legs dragged like lifeless wood. The only relief was the trees along the way which provided shade where we could rest from the torching heat.

God is our shade, he refreshes us and keeps us from burning out.


He is our keeper. We lift our eyes daily and see mountains of problems beyond our control, still, our hope is in the God who made the mountains and promises to guard our comings and goings.
God is our covering in calamity.
He is our journey companion, the one that sojourns with us.

( See Isaiah 40:26, Jeremiah 32:17, Revelation 7:16)