Safe, Spacious Life

Psalm 37:39-40

Most people think that to live a life of faith it means to live a restricted and pitiful life. This idea that Christians are people who don’t do this and that and aren’t allowed to go there and then is a lie. 

The path to God is narrow to enter ( only through Christ) but while you are inside it’s the most spacious and greatest life you can possibly have. 

Other’ alternatives might look wide and broad to enter but I have found that while inside they become very narrow and stringent. You think you have freedom, but in fact, what you get is control and dependency.  

Jesus is the only one that promises and gives life that is full and eternal.

The spacious, free life is from GOD, it’s also protected and safe. GOD -strengthened, we’re delivered from evil— when we run to him, he saves us.

Psalm 37:39-40 MSG

(See Proverb 15:32, 2 Corinthians 6:11, Colossians 1:19)

Impossible Rescue

Psalm 37:38

A friend of mine and her family were at the beach this week and while having a great time in the sea her husband got taken away by a ’rip current’ and had to be rescued by the coastal lifeguards. 

’I thought he was a goner’ she said, fear and panic gripped me until I saw him delivered well and alive to the shores. 

What a relief! 

A very similar story like that of the Kiwi teenager Joshua McQuoid who was swept away by a strong wave and pulled under the surf. After the call for help by his friends and an unsuccessful attempt by a German tourist who tried to rescue him, two police officers jumped in, and before long, a human chain formed to pull the teen to shore. After the ordeal, which McQuoid described was like being inside a washing machine, he was taken to hospital and released after a night of observation in great recovery.

We love rescues stories. Each of us battles with waves and rough seas day-to-day and that hope to be rescued is ingrained deep within us. We know life is to hard, too much and to dangerous to not have a rescuer to call.

God does that for all who call to him and know his faithfulness. He comes and rescues us from sin and shame, from death and destruction. Even in the middle of pain, temptation, tribulation and despair he is with us holding our hand and whispering hope and strength to our heart.

The Lord rescues the godly; he is their fortress in times of trouble.”

Psalms 37:39 NLT

( See 2 Corinthians 1:10, Job 5:15, Zechariah 9:16, Jeremiah 39:17

Wonderful Future ​

Psalm 37:37

Look at those who are honest and good,
    for a wonderful future awaits those who love peace. Psalm 37:37

We comment on children or individuals that appear smart or talented saying ’a wonderful and bright future awaits them, ’ 

The scriptures tell us that the wonderful future belongs to the peace-makers.

Peacemakers are the people that have the peace that surpassed all understanding and share it with all. 


Peacemakers are the ones in our midst who actively bring God and his message of reconciliation in the middle of any relationship, conflict, misunderstandings, frictions and parties at odds. 

They promote peace, fight for it and rest on that peace. 

 Usually, the peacemaker is unnoticed and undervalued, that’s is why many of us avoid that path. We think that to be seen as someone with a ’bright and wonderful future’ we need to be recognized and appreciated. But the world often rewards the godless and the reckless and leaves the peacemaker to fade in time. 

But not God, for he is peace and he alone will reward, recognise and reverence all the peace lovers with a blessed and wonderful future. 

( See Matthew 5:9, Hebrew 12:14, 2 Corinthians 5:18-20, Romans 12:18

Dont ​leave the Path

Psalm 37:34

The path of God might be the less travelled one, but it’s the right one to travel to. 


”Every path has its puddle,” says an English proverb, there are no paths without mud or mire. Preferably, we would like our path to be levelled and not bumpy, clear and not cloudy and for most of it to have company and not to be lonely.  

The pilgrim’s path is a hard one to journey, it’s full of bumps and paddles, dark at times and rainy, lonely and difficult to progress. 

That’s why many of us in it want to run away and abandon it. We want to choose a different one, a normal one, a one with a bit more sunshine perhaps. 

“Wait passionately for GOD, don’t leave the path. He’ll give you your place in the sun while you watch the wicked lose it.”

Psalm 37:34 MSG 

The truth is that there is not a ’sunshine forever’ path to take, just the right or the wrong path to take. 

In the right path, the sun will be given to us at the right time. 

So, don’t leave that path, don’t run away, for all other paths lead to an endless dark slope.  

Walk steady, walk slowly, walk shivering and shaking, but don’t quit the path. Let hope in the Lord be your strength, and his love your courage, let his light shine the path and his truth keep you unshakable. You will be glad you did when you reach the finish line and be encircled by his spacious eternal embrace.  

( See Matthew 7:13, Jeremiah 6:16, Proverbs 4:18

Chewing on Wisdom

Psalm 37:31-32

The saying ’we are what we eat’ is true not only about the health of our bodies but the health of the soul also. 


What goes inside our mouths shows off either on our hips or through our lips. 

“Righteous chews on wisdom like a dog on a bone, rolls virtue around on his tongue. His heart pumps God’s Word like blood through his veins; his feet are as sure as a cat’s.”

Psalm 37:30-31 MSG 

What we consume, we transform into.


We ‘force’ our kids to eat their vegetables, emphasising their health benefits, but somehow ignore the diet of the soul. Body is for a lifetime, the soul is for eternity!

I don’t know why but we tend to be less intentional when it comes to what they hear and the materials they read and watch.

We ourselves pick up the Bible, on the other hand, and at first, it feels ‘hard’ to chew and digest and we conclude ‘it’s hard and complex taste.’

So, we choose to feed on ‘easy and sweet’ food that soon turn into heavy weight to carry. Their wisdom does not keep us in the long run. That’s why when we face trouble and problems we haven’t got the energy and the strength to handle them.

What we have been chewing and consuming is not sustaining our lives. 

The word of God, on the other hand, might feel hard to chew at first, but the sweetness that it contains it is slowly released and stored in our spiritual muscles building a strong body and mind for living.

What are you chewing on lately? Is it benefiting you and your health or weakning your immunity?

( See Hebrews 4:12, John 1:1, 2 Timothy 3:16-17)

Why do you Give?

Psalm 37:21 MSG

Generosity is the most natural outward expression of an inner life that knows it is deeply loved. 


What we often call generosity nowadays is in fact  ’benefit giving’ meaning we mostly give to get something back in return. 

Whether that is a favour in the future, or public praise, or attention, we give to get. 

But real generosity is giving that which can’t be given back. 

’The righteous give and give’  says David in Psalm 37:21 

The righteous is the person that is made right with God because of the generosity of Jesus Christ. He gave his life freely for us so that we would freely give and live. 

Generosity is not necessarily evident and automatically occurring in people that call themselves Christian, for many of us, fail to see and live Christ in generous ways.

The issue remains that to give with pure motives is hard for all, even for us, that’s why understanding how much has been given to us already via our relationship with Jesus is crucial and a life changer when it comes to living a generous life. 

( See Romans 5:6-8, Luke 6:38, Deuteronomy 15:10, Matthew 6:2-4

Keep Hope Alive

Psalm 37:7-8

Fishermens’ wives would keep a candle burning in the window, to guide their husbands back from deep-sea fishing trips. 

Believers are hope carriers. 


The world is in a crisis of hope constantly, even more now. 

If we look closely around us (not even observing the western world in general or the earth as a whole ) we will notice the hopelessness spreading. The newspapers and tv are littered with hopeless news and warnings telling us that the rate of suicide is spiking up, poverty is deepening and that crime and violence are constantly on the rise. This decline of ’goodness’ is directly connected with the fall of our interest in God and religion in general. People don’t believe in God, or sin and evil nowadays and what that does to us is that it turns our faith in ourselves( humanity) which sooner or later proves to be unfulfilling confidence and deeply disappointing. 

Most of us, if we really learn to look deep into our own hearts, would know what we really want this world can’t give. 

Jesus Christ came into our world in human flesh, he lived and died ( history record of this) and was raised from the death. Knowing and believing this truth is the only thing that flames our hope. 

He proved that there is ’life’ transient beyond what we see and touch and that within that lies our true satisfaction. 

We that know and have his life, keep burning that ’candle’ so to speak for us and the world to see it. We keep that living hope in front of ourselves and others to behold, so that no matter how dark and scary the sea is, the light of living hope is glowing bright

(See 1 timothy 1:1, John 3:16, 1 Peter1:3

Trust and Delight

Psalm 37:4

Delight requires effort, we must avert our energy from what drains us to what delights us. Many of us don’t delight in the Lord because we don’t know him, and because we don’t know him we don’t trust him ( for how can you trust someone you don’t know?).

Very often we draw our delights in life from sources that run dry and ignore the only source that runs over, God. 

If God is the place we delight, he gives us himself, that is more than we can ask or imagine to have. For in him there is fullness of joy. 

Seek first the kingdom of God – says Jesus ( Matthew 6:33) and all these things will be added to you. 

Our seeking determines what is important to us. Oftentimes we have experienced seeking for a certain thing in order to bring us delight and happiness and when we have attained that we have found out that it did not give us what we thought it would.  

In order to prevent us from wasting our time and eventually our lives running after things which will disappoint us, the scripture tells us to delight in the Lord. For if we focus on him, he will give us more than we desire or wish. The Lord is the source of all good things that don’t run out. 

( See Ephesians 3:20, John 15:7, Isaiah 58:14

What steals your joy?

Psalm 37:1-3

Roosevelt said that comparison is the thief of joy, I want to add to that sentence by saying that the wrong comparison is the real thief. 

When we compare ourselves to how far we have come in our journey and see ourselves with the eyes of the goodness and the faithfulness of God in our life, that comparison is good and uplifting. 

But, if we compare ourself with others and what comes from that reflection is disappointment, depression and despair we known that that thinking is going to drag us into a pit of darkness.  

We know from the scripture that what we see in other people’s lives can be deceptive and miscalculated, things are not as they appear very often. We are encouraged to focus on the promises of God and feast on his faithfulness. Because, where we look we steer into. 

The test of our lives is found in time, only time will tell the real story of us. 

( See Proverbs 24:19, Philippians 4:6-9, Hebrew 10:23)  

The fountain of Life

Psalm 36:9

Where we draw from and drink from becomes what flows into our lives.

“For with you is the fountain of life; in your light we see light.”

Psalms 36:9 NIVUK

Today, you can buy a bottle of ’fountain of life’ liquid that contains high antioxidants from a plant called Lignans extracted from Norwegian Spruce tree, which promises to have extensive amounts of health benefit. These golden drops promise prolonged youth and miraculous health.  

Most of us know that there is no plant, pledges or person to carry that kind of outcome, still, we fall under their spell. Those promises seem to speak to our deeper desires and awaken our eternal longing. 

We are made for eternity and eternity we seek. 

God offers eternal life and eternal youth and sickness free bodies, but it’s not by drinking expensive drops that man offers, but by immersing ourselves at the true fountain of life. Jesus 

Jesus said that : He is the way, he is the truth and he is the life… if we want life, real life, he is the place to get it from. And not only that, he promises to be the light by which we see everything else. The knowledge of understanding him, the world and ourselves rests with him. 

The pleasure, the joy, the abundance, the meaning, the refreshing, the living, all floes from him also. 

What/who is the fountain that you draw life and light from? 

(See John 8:12, Revelation 21:6, Isaiah 12:3)