Pile up your weights

Psalm 55:22-23

We often have this idea that if we prayed and asked God to remove our burdens away and he only removed some of them, it means that we are supposed to carry the remainder.

The truth is that when we ask God to carry our pressures in life what he does with that weight that is crushing us is that which will bring Him glory and make us more like him. 

It’s the way he chooses to deal with our burdensome situations that makes the difference. Whether he decides to remove them totally, or partially or allow the weight for a while, our job is to ask him first and then rest assured that every weight we sense and carry he will do with that the very best.  

We need to ask God often how to release the heavyweights we carry that we shouldn’t and how to be patient with some burdens in life in order that his deep work in us can be completed.

When we don’t do that we carry weights we shouldn’t that are crushing us and we neglect to pick up obligations that strengthen us and make us more like Jesus.  

The invite is always -come to me all you who carry heavy burdens and find rest…… 

(See Matthew 11:28-29, 1 Peter 5:6-7, John 14:26)

Dusk, Dawn, and Noon

Psalm 55:16

The Hebrew people began their day in the evening, in the dark. 

They start each day with hope in the dark.

Prayer is all about that, calling upon the Lord who makes our darkness light, and doing that from the start of each day. 

Prayer is about calling his name and presence in the middle of our darkness, disappointment, dismay, dread, distress, depression, divorce, and death threatening experiences. 

It’s the invitation we send to God every part of the day to be with us.

That invite might be in writing in the morning, so we write the words to express our concerns to God and then perhaps we speak our prayers in the noon but when dusk arrives and the wrtining and talking are not help, the groaning and cries, utterance and deep wordless expression are just fine. 

What matters is that God hears us and that should comfort every praying heart. 

(See 1 Thessalonians 5:17, Philippians 4:6, Ephesians 6:18 )

Pray more when it hurts More

Psalm 55:13

Her best friend took her husband.

It was as dramatic and as painful as it sounds. Anna could have expected this from anyone else, but not from her best pal, from the person they had shared joys and had cried together.
From somebody, she had trusted her heart and her deepest aches and pains.

’She knew the damage she would cause my family, and still, she did it anyway. That is something I will never comprehend and forgive” she concluded.
That is a real-life story and drama. It’s hard to try and manage pain caused by people we don’t know or know little, but the betrayal of a close friend is a wound that does not heal quickly. There is no easy way to mend from that constant throb apart from constant prayer.

When the pain is persisting, persist in prayer.


Jesus, our Lord and Saviour was kissed and let to his death by his best friend through a kiss. He understands our anguish and disappointment and offers the best comfort and help.

Have you been betrayed by your best friend? What is your way of moving forward? How Jesus example of treating Judah helps you?

( See Luke 22:47-48, John 15:15, John 15:14)

Running to Nowhere

Psalm 55:6

I have run away a couple of times in my life. It felt easy to avoid what felt like an imminent torrent of pain and some unending suffering. 

Checking out mentally, emotionally and physically is so common these days, I understand that,  I really do, but the truth is that that takes us nowhere.

We all crave some peace and quietness, who yearns for problems hey?

The truth is that there is no place on earth problem-free. The only place where we will not drag our troubles is heaven and we are going there, but for now, what its offered to us is Jesus who fled Heaven to bring us a slice of heaven here.

Through his presence, he assures us with the help we need to stay and face life’s troubles with him. We then run not aimlessly, but with purpose to finish the race set before us.

( See 1 Corinthians 9:26, James 1:12, Philippians 4:13)

All my Troubles

Psalm 54:7

Don’t you find in your own life that a soon as one trouble goes the other knocks on the door?

This is the nature of our life on earth. All troubles that each one of us faces look different but what’s important to know and remember is that God promises to deliver us from all our hardships.

David looks at his future trouble in the light of the present ones that God has delivered him. We know that Jesus said that in this world we will have troubles but that we are to take heart because he has overcome the world.

Jesus has overcome for us. We look at the future with him on our side and we declare that: He will deliver me from all my troubles.  

What troubles God has delivered you from in the past and how that gives you the confidence to face the future? 

( See 2 Timothy 4:18, 2 Samuel 4:9, John 16:33)

Upholding my Life

Psalm 54: 4

Who is in the camp of your defenders? Who do you call for help when you have received bad news? Who do you think to notify when loss knocks on your door? Who are the people that uphold your life? 

Oftentimes we can’t see God answering our prayers or being close to us but the Lord is with the people that minister to us and help us and encourage us. They are the people that gather and expose their lives so that ours will be supported.

God is the one that upholds our lives, he is the one that gives us life, but mostly he does that through people. God sustains people and God uses people to strengthen and defend us. He is the chief helper and by his grace and mercy, he gathers, equips and walks with us as we help and nourish others. 

Who upholds your life when life seems to fall apart and whose life-upholder are you? 

( See Romans 8:31, Jeremiah 1:19, John 10:28-30

Sure Restoration

Psalm 53:6

These days we think relief is restoration, but they are so so different. 

With relief, we are trying to repair our tattered souls by checking out, by running away or by excepting the instant invitation to taste or experience pleasure do the trick. This can come by food, drink, drugs, sex or bingeing- Netflix series. In restoration, God is inviting us to enter his rest. This does not necessarily involve screens, fridges and bottles, but rather something less synthetic and more organic for the soul  

Gazing at the sunset, admiring the sea, mountains and rivers. Going for a walk, swim or bike ride.

Watching the birds sing and the cricket chirp, it’s about letting God to dazzle you and me with his nature and his presenc.

We normally take a bath or have a massage when our bodies are weary, God uses nature to restore our souls.  Go out and enjoy and laugh, restoration is a sure thing to God. 

( See Jeremiah 30:18, Amos 9:14, 1 Peter 5:10 )

A Different kind of Foolishness

Psalm 53:1-3

I wonder what is a fool to you? What kind of people carry that name in your life?  The dictionary defines ’fool’ as someone silly and stupid, a person lacking judgment and sense. 

The Scripture defines ’fool’ as someone who fails to acknowledge God with his intellect and heart. It’s the person that refuses to see the facts and evidence about God and chooses to live his life based on that decision.

There was a man in the Bible whose name was ’fool’ or in Hebrew Nabal. He had an opportunity to participate in helping and having favour with the king of Israel, but his folly eventually destroyed his life and his home. He was senseless, harsh, rushed,  didn’t think about consequences and mocked the authorities. 

Sadly, in the end, every ’fool’ ends up being destructive to themselves and living a life full of regrets. 

When we fail to see God for who he is and who we are in that light of that truth we live our lives as senseless people who forever are trying to deny and resist their true nature. 

( See Romans 1:21, Romans 1:28, Romans 3:10-31)

Community Trust

Psalm 52:9

Trust is a core foundation for us. Without it, there is no relationships and without relationships, there is no community and without community, there is not belonging. We are made for love and belonging, first with God and then with one another.

Have you ever being with someone who trusts God with all their hearts and stands unshakable about God’s character and love?

There a different atmosphere surrounding those people and you can’t help but want to share life with them. 

Our personal trust is vital and important, but the community trust is what grows us and moves us forward. Community trust is cultivated through sharing life together, worshiping God together, sharing joys and sorrows together.

That is why when our trust get shaky and doubt seems to keep us down we need to make sure tohave people around us who will fuel our trust in God and help us stay strong and enduring. 

( See Colossians 3:16, Matthew 18:20, Hebrews 10:24-25 )

Like Green Olive Trees

Psalm 52:8

We have four olive trees in our garden in the South of France and they are stunning. Apparently, they are the longest-living tree and tell of a  story of resilience and peace. For they grow and thrive in poor soil and drought.

They symbolise wisdom and light (we make oil which use to light the lamps in ancient times). The olive tree has got many other usage and benefits that are utilized in the medical field, cosmetics, cooking, fuel and food. 

When David compares himself with an olive tree planted in the house of God he is mindful of the benefits and the image that the olive represents. 

It speaks of fruitfulness and stability and strength and establishment that we don’t get from the world. 

If you had to say you are like a tree in the house of God what kind of tree that would be? 

( See Jeremiah 17:8, Isaiah 58:11, Zechariah 4:11-14)