Praise Pause

Psalm 21

Thankful people are joyful people. Science, research and many therapists have acknowledged this truth too. 

Gratitude and gladness walk side by side. 

We learned yesterday that: pause before ’battle’ declares the presence and the power of God with us. We learn today that Praise ( the time we take to celebrate all that God does in our lives) feels and perceives the joy of God in our living. 

Praise, are the little moments and the big moments in life that we stop to give thanks where thanks are due. We standstill to acknowledge and join in celebrating the goodness of God in our days.   

It’s the invite between tasks and demands to take in and enjoy what has been achieved so far.  Also, it’s the pause we take to thank God for what is right now and what is to come.

For God silently plans for us in love. 

( See 1 Chronicles 29:13, Ephesians 1:3, Zephaniah 3:17

Selah Pause

Psalm 20

Pause, Stop, Think, Pray, Enjoy

It was an ancient tradition that involved many rituals just before men were about to stride for battle. It was the ’pause ’ before the marching and the girding of the weapons that focused on that which brought real victory in the matter. 

People prayed for the king, for the leaders of the battalions, for the soldiers. The asked God for protection and wisdom, for strength and courage, for understanding and a sound mind.   

They knew that victory didn’t come from the speed of horses and the resilience of chariots ( for they were the power force in those days) but the victory was granted by God. 

The pause-  is the time we take to acknowledge the ’name of the Lord’ above all other natural powers, strengths and might before we face any battles in life. Whether it is decisions we need to make, or facing hard stuff, we – pause – before we move. For in the pause the presence and providence of God will lead us to the best principle. 


(See Deuteronomy 20:4 , Philippians 4:6, Psalm 3:8)