Psalm 1:2

What is meditation? I know that there is many alternatives and teaching nowadays about contemplation and ways to do it best, but what meditation consists on, really?

Meditation according to psalm 1 is the way we work out what we believe. The living out of our belief, the process of ingestion, digestion and practice in everyday living of our faith. 

From Psalm 1 we see that the secret to happiness rests upon the practice of meditation – our reasoning, our thinking, for as a man thinks so he is. 

The writer in psalm 1 is saying to us that if we want to be happy we must observe our walk, we must examine our standing and we must survey our seating. 

It’s the stopping and thinking about who and what are we listening to.  It’s the reflecting on where and who are we hanging out with and in who’s counsel are we seating under.  

It’s a thorough observation of our ways of thinking, feeling and acting.  It’s examining the views we have about life, the principles and convictions we hold and live by. We do this by keeping the Scripture as a mirror in front of all that reflection, we wrestle with scripture, we question it, we debate with and we wait to hear from God. 

Any good relationship pertains to some sort of wrestling with each other to find meaning and understanding together.  Our relationship with God is similar. We bring all our thoughts, feelings and actions before him in the form of prayers, complains, songs, confessions and thanksgiving and wait on him to answer, he always does. 

We come to God through faith and in grace, not forced and obliged ( for no relationship can stand by the use of force or religious obligation), 

We enter his presence though the work of our Lord Jesus an bask there.  We come as we are, and he shows himself as he is. 

( Scripture references Proverbs 23:7, Joshua 1:8, Psalm 119:99)