Present Pessimism

Psalm 4


 ”Who will help us at this time? Who will point out the way to a solution, to a good outcome? Who will take care of us, the economy, the future? ( see verse 6) 

I do not know what questions are concerning your mind today my friend, I do not know if you are pessimistic about your job, your marriage, the education of your children, your life… all I know is that we all have concerns. 

Our tendency is to see the worse in each other or believe the worst outcome of events. How can we change that? We learn today that we can ask God to smile upon us. What does that mean?  

Have you ever been discouraged and demoralized and suddenly a stranger smiled at you and you felt energised and for the rest of that day that smile gave you hope? 

Imagine the smile of God? The favour and the grace of the creator of the world. The goodness of all goodness shifting it’s direction towards us. It will be the beginning of the turning of our expectations and plans for the better for sure. Let’s ask with the writer. 

“Many say, “Who can show us anything good?” Smile upon us, LORD!”

(See Numbers 6:24-26)