The Approval that Really Matters

Psalm 23:5 (b)

For lotions or creams to be effective they need to be rubbed on.  

I learned this from my husband’s father who is brilliant at developing and testing different creams and ointments for medical purpose. 

If we just applied creams without rubbing them on they are not effective. 

You see, the cream needs to penetrate into the infected or sick skin and be absorbed well in order for the healing process to take place. 

People approval has infected us all. We carry the scabs and scars of people not being pleased with us deep within our coverage. 

We want to be creative and courageous with our lives but the fear of not pleasing all prevents us to proceed. Often times, these people we really want to please are not concerned about us and at times they don’t even exist.  

So, what approval shall we focus on that really matters? 

In the older days, millennials ago, people respected and acknowledged those people and authorities who were anointed. 

Now, anointing can be a foreign terminology to us modern people, but in simplicity, was a ceremony that indicated the favour, pleasure and approval of God in someone’s life and service. It was performed by priests or prophets mainly and done to the kings to show all people the approval and the hand of God in that person. 

The oil was rubbed on the king’s head so that the perfume, the glow and the influence of the oil was seen by all. It was a ceremony with big visual effects. It signified authority,  honour and power for the person being anointed. 

In our modern times, we use the phrases ’he or she is anointed’ in our places of worship mostly, but that is true also for all the people who are very good and calm and at ease with themselves and their assignment or calling wherever they may be. 

What we notice in these individuals who impress us in a good way – is usually some very attractive traits like authority and assurance that are not threatening. They are truthful and loving, honest and faithful, confident,  but no proud, effective without manipulation or fear, humble and powerful. 

We see them as unique, some call them extraordinary and superhuman… 

What that really is, is the presence of God through the Holy Spirit which is evident, is visual, and is seen. (See Galatians 5:22-23)

It’s this idea that God has approved and endorsed the person ( singing, praying, preaching, his/her business abilities, writing etc). 

And when this is true about any person, based on the scripture, history and my experience – the approval of people fades away for them. 

What matters the most to them is the approval, the anointing of God in their lives. 

The good news about the anointing of God is that is available to all who are established in Christ Jesus. His anointing, his approval and his empowerment are available to us daily, fresh and in abundance. 

So we don’t have to try and tire under pressures of life in order to accomplish our calling by ourselves but daily to be filled an rubbed on with his approval and acceptance. 

When we have his approval and favour we are always -His favourite. 

Whatever we are and do comes from that seal of approval. 

( See 2 Corinthians1:21-22, James 5:15, Acts 10:38, John 14:26, Acts 1:8)