Opportunities come Disguised

Psalm 31:3

For change to happen resistance is required.


Now, we like the idea for change but we don’t like resistance, because resistance feels like pain and discomfort (who likes a resistance workout in the gym?)
Because of that, many of life’s invitations for change dressed like ‘hard work or challenges,” are not recognised or they are ignored by us.

We tend to run away, hide and avoid those kinds of storms.

What is the best way to face adversity?

In Psalm 31 the writer is facing a storm and while hiding in God from the danger coming his way, he asks for two things that I believe is what we should do when facing adversity. Leadership and Guidance

When we face something bigger than ourselves we need a good place to hide, our Lord provides that. In his presence, we are safe and secure.
But, if we want to change and get transformed from the storms of life we dont stay hiding we ask God to lead us and guide us through all difficulries and challanges in ife.
Only that way we will get transformed and changed for good.

(See Nehemiah 9:19, Romans 5:4-6, James 1:5)