Looking Inside You

Psalm 36:1-4

We can dress the outside and make it look good, but there is not easy makeup for the inside.

Sin in the Bible is described with different words like wickedness, transgressions and other descriptions that speak of inappropriate or illegal behaviour. The truth is that God made humans for a purpose and since the garden of Eden we have deserted that purpose and walked far away from it.

We have tried hard to ’not worship or glory in God and as that result not enjoy anything that he created for our joy and contentment. (see Westminster catechism ’what is the chief end of man? )  

So, we have turned away and choose to worship the nondivine forces. 

Those forces although good ( can be good) are not made to be worshipped. And when a good thing is used as the ultimate great thing does not good to us but enslaves us.

We are created to worship you see and we must worship something, someone, and if that is not God ( the only one who can handle worship)  that very thing will consume us and leave us empty and dissatisfied every time. 

So, we might look ’well kept, all tidy up and scrubbed up’ on the outside but the inside might tell another story. The stench of guilt, death and darkness seems to linger and not go away. We definitely try ‘expensive brands of makeup to hide them or cover them” like morality, good acts, noble duties, still they only seem to work for the outside. We need an awakening, we need life flowing and bathing our inside, we need our creator to take his rightful place. We need his breath to fill our lungs and bring us to life. 

I came to give you life, says Jesus, but not just any life, but an abundant life to the full. 

(See Matthew 23:25, Romans 1:21-23, John 10:10)