In waiting, I waited

Psalm 40:1-3

To wait is to live, but to wait patiently is to be alive. 

I was waiting the other day to pay for my groceries and somehow the person before me decided to use one hundred coupons and vouchers, half of them not valid. The first minutes or so, I was cool about that, but when ten minutes passed and we were only on the 20th coupon my face was not happy. I tried hard to be smiley and chilled about that, but inside my impatient was boiling. 

We do the same with God. We are impatient, we worry, we try to help him, rush him to supply us with an answer. 

But God cannot be rushed! 


He knows that waiting is not just idle living. When we wait on God we don’t stand in a passive sluggish way until what we are looking for comes to be, but to wait in and with God is a determination to hope, expect and look eagerly to him who helps and guides us through life.

Waiting is expecting God to do the work. 

As we wait on Him, our faith muscle is strengthened, our hope eyes don’t nap and our trust is reestablished. 

It is not only that God will lift us from any ditch we are in as we wait, but that he will set our feet on solid grounds also.   

Are you good at waiting? What have you learned from waiting on the Lord? 

( See James 5:7-11, Romans 12:12, Hosea 12:6