Not Quitting

Psalm 40:16-17 MSG

The world is but a big throb of heartache. 

People quitting on people everywhere. 

Family quitting on family, husband quitting on wife, mum quitting on children, employees quitting on employment. 

It seems that our tether has grown shorter and shorter with the passing of times. There is no faithfulness, commitment and responsibility taking. We have become a generation of ’self’ 

Me, myself and I. 

But God is not like us. In fact, he never quits. He never quits on the world, he never quits on us. From the beginning of times, he has been fully committed to us. 

He thinks, he plans and awaits for us.

He thinks upon thee beloved, the Eternal Father thinks of you ( Surgeon) 

What he has done and does daily are too many to count. ( Neither numbers nor words account for you -verse 5 MSG) 

Our God has not equal! Jesus Christ has no rival. 

The further we walk away from him, the closer we draw to a life of quitting and running away. That life was not designed by God for us. 

For the life that Christ died to give us is a fulfilling a life, a meaningful life, a beautiful life. 

A quitting life is a wasted life.  A persevering life is a winning life.

Has quitting become a habit to you? How knowing that God does not quit on you helps to be an enduring person? 

( See Philippians 3:7-9, 1 Corinthians 1:9, Hebrew 10:23