The Real Acid Test for Us

Psalm 41:1-3

When we think of the ’poor’ we often mean the people who are economically disadvantaged.  But poverty reaches far deeper than out pocket. There is poor amongst us who wear and carry gold, but inside are in rags.

Financial poverty is the easier to spot, but social poverty, mental impoverishment and family scarcity are the hardest to detect.

The way we treat them who ‘don’t matter’ show who we really are.


The way we behave with people who can’t give us back favours, can’t open doors to big opportunities for us and canthelp us to climb the ranks, speak volume to who we are.

To me, the real acid test to our character stands with the way we see and treat the poor, all the poor, the ones that don’t know as much as we do (intellectually poor), the ones who have not got the same background and upbringing like ours, the ones who look and express themselves differently, the ones who sleep outside and the ones who beg our attention and aide.

God puts a premium when it comes to the way we handle the poor amongst us. His heart and message are specially dedicated to the downtrodden, to the unseen. He notices our hearts and wants to reward those who notice what he notices, the poor.

When you see and meet people that are deficient to what you have in abundance, how do you behave? How the poor make you feel?

(See Job 5:15-16, Luke 4:17-19, Proverbs 19:17, 31:8-9)