Where is God in Crisis?

Psalm 43:3.10

It’s natural for people and us to ask ’where is God’ when life is disintegrating. The truth though remains the same though, God is present. 

He is with us through deep waters, through disappointment, through loss and pain. 

During this Covid-19 pandemic, many people have asked the question ’where is God and what God is doing during humanity crisis’ even more than before. 

The answer that the sons of Korah give us through today’s psalm is that: God is with us, people might not see him, we might not sense him, but based on the Old and New Testament, based on Jesus’s life,  God is always with us until the very end of this world. 

Jesus said that pain will come, suffering will knock on our doors, crises will cover the earth, still, right in the middle of all that he would be with us and change people and the world through those very events. 

Jesus was called a man of sorrow, we follow him in this world which is in the process of getting redeemed and healed through the path of suffering. Look at yourself and other believers when we walk through pain, that will tells us and the world who is watching where is God in the middle of suffering.

GOD is doing a new thing right now, oftentimes through some crisis  

(See 2 Peter 3:9, Genesis 1:1, James 1:17

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