Help at the break​ of Daw​​n

Psalm 46:5

I know that God never leaves time to restraint help to us. Night and day he is faithful. But there are nights of the soul that visit each one of us, there is darkness that lingers on. 

I have seen that helps always come. It comes as early as the sun casts off its first glow on our sky. 

Nights can be hard, nights can feel long and scary and tormenting, but the sun always shows up every morning. New mercies, new graces, new help and wisdom, the light carries new hope. 

One thing is sure about every night, that however long might be, it has an end. Sun is dispatched to us every morning to remind us that light trumps every darkness and that hope triumphs over fear. 

Remember that when you wake up this morning, let the sun kiss your face and warm up your heart with God’s presence. 

He will help you at the break of dawn. 

( See Zechariah 2:5, Isaiah 33:2, 1 Peter 5:7