Why all the Clapping and Making Noise in Church?


If you want to experience deep and ’awe demanding’ kind of emotions go to a live ballet or opera performance.
Watching them on the television does not do any favours. I have been a couple of times in live performances and if we were together you would have seen a part of me that rarely peeks up in my daily living.

I stand up and shout words that I never use before, words like ’bravo, bravissimo’ followed by a loud applause and hand gestures that imitates the queen waving to her people from her chariot.
The performance has invoked in me a sense of awe and wonder, the music has touched layers deep within my soul that are unknown to me.
I rest astound and surprised that I am responding like that.

My soul is made for awe and I only catch a tiny glimpse there.

Sometimes, silently I experience similar feelings at the edge of the ocean or the feet of the mountain.

God has surrounded us with beauty, with melody, with stunning displays of his benevolence. God is stunning!


We sing and clap our hands as an expression of that joy and appreciation coming from within.
We give praise, we clap our hands and adore him, because he soars over all (v9). Jesus forsook the luxury of heaven to be our salvation and bring freedom, that’s worthy of praise, that is worthy of clapping and making some holy noise.

Are you a silent worshiper or a noisy one?

( See Isaiah 55:12, Zechariah 9:9, Romans 15:13 )