Our Forever Guide

Psalm 48:14

I can tell you one thing about guided tours: The guide can make or break a tour. 

There was a big difference in exploring the Colosseum with an outstanding guide and walking around Venice with an average guide. 

The Colosseum guide made us see the people and the emperor entering the building, hear the applause and the triumph of the gladiators, tremble at the roar of the lions unleashed. It was as though we were transported right in the Roman empire days and we were brought for that hour to understand all that was happenings.  

The tour in Venice on the other side was just like a stroll in a beautiful city, it was interesting but we did not become one with history. 

God promises to be our forever guide, the one who walks with us until the very end of time. Holding our hand, whispering encouragements,  comforting during hardship and bringing joy in every season. 

He opens our eyes to wonders and pulls our attention to what really matters. 


What is something that you need guidance right now? 

How the truth that God is our forever guide makes you feel? 

( See John 16:13, Exodus 13:21, Isaiah 42:16