Unbutton my lips, O Lord

Psalm 51:12-17

Have you been in a quarrel, disagreement or sorrow recently and felt like the best way forward was tightening up your lips and let no words escape your mouth? 

This can be for three reasons. First, you know that what will come out of your mouth will be unpleasant so you decide to remain silent.

The second reason is perhaps you are being passive-aggressive and have decided to continue your fight that way.

The third reason is that you know you might be guilty and fear that saying anything else can make the situation worse. 

Whatever your motive be for keeping your lips shut, the solution is always ‘open your mouth to praise.’ When we invite God to unbutton our lips so that we will start and praise him with our mouths every dispute and misery will find a healing way.

Praise and Prayer are a great habit to practice daily before we say anything to anyone, it helps us to connect with God and with people in a way that heals and rejuvenates us all. For praise is saying to God who he is and then listening who he says we are. Life is better with that rhythem.

(See Romans 12:1, Isaiah 66:2, 1 Corinthians 14:15 )