Like Green Olive Trees

Psalm 52:8

We have four olive trees in our garden in the South of France and they are stunning. Apparently, they are the longest-living tree and tell of a  story of resilience and peace. For they grow and thrive in poor soil and drought.

They symbolise wisdom and light (we make oil which use to light the lamps in ancient times). The olive tree has got many other usage and benefits that are utilized in the medical field, cosmetics, cooking, fuel and food. 

When David compares himself with an olive tree planted in the house of God he is mindful of the benefits and the image that the olive represents. 

It speaks of fruitfulness and stability and strength and establishment that we don’t get from the world. 

If you had to say you are like a tree in the house of God what kind of tree that would be? 

( See Jeremiah 17:8, Isaiah 58:11, Zechariah 4:11-14)