Pray more when it hurts More

Psalm 55:13

Her best friend took her husband.

It was as dramatic and as painful as it sounds. Anna could have expected this from anyone else, but not from her best pal, from the person they had shared joys and had cried together.
From somebody, she had trusted her heart and her deepest aches and pains.

’She knew the damage she would cause my family, and still, she did it anyway. That is something I will never comprehend and forgive” she concluded.
That is a real-life story and drama. It’s hard to try and manage pain caused by people we don’t know or know little, but the betrayal of a close friend is a wound that does not heal quickly. There is no easy way to mend from that constant throb apart from constant prayer.

When the pain is persisting, persist in prayer.


Jesus, our Lord and Saviour was kissed and let to his death by his best friend through a kiss. He understands our anguish and disappointment and offers the best comfort and help.

Have you been betrayed by your best friend? What is your way of moving forward? How Jesus example of treating Judah helps you?

( See Luke 22:47-48, John 15:15, John 15:14)