His Love and Faithfulness are our Help

Psalm 57:3 NIV

When I think of God, these two attributes are at the top of my mind.
Love and Faithfulness

Love because he is love. He first loved us, his love never fails, and he will love us through eternity. His love is unconditional, abundant, perfect and available to all.

Faithfulness, because he is committed and trustworthy to us. His devotion to us, his creation is completely and wholeheartedly. No sin of ours can dim his faithfulness.The Father God is forever looking out for the prodigals who repent and return to their first love. He is faithfully waiting and running towards us with open hands.

When we are lost, in a dark cave of fear and pain, God sends forth his love and faithfulness to be our help. Love and Faithfulness await for us in whatever place we may be and hold both our hands tightly guiding us to triumph.

You are at the centre of God’s love and the heart of his faithfulness, he will never let you go.

( See John 1:12, Luke 15:20, 1 John 4:10 )