Honest Politicians

Psalm 58:1 MSG

It is thanksgiving today in America and the social media and blog sites are overloaded with advice on ”how to get along with people that differ with you politically this Thanksgiving.”
Once, there was food, fun and joy-filled conversations buzzing around the thanksgiving table, now what dominates those gatherings are strong opinions and political arguments.

It is sad and unfortunately true.

Politics and government authorities have become the centre point of our family and friendship lives
Don’t get me wrong, politics are important, but not more important than family. If the family (the cell of all civilisation) is healthy in a society, the whole society is healthy. And if society is healthy, politics will be adequate.

When politics or politicians divide our family unit in such a way that any ’difficult’ discussion dies for fear of tension and fights, that family has lost the heart of the unit, and as that result, that nation is heading for division and destruction.

Let’s keep the family, the cell of our society a place of peace and harmony. Lets keep our tables a place where everyone has a voice, a seat and respect. History has shown that perfect politics don’t exist, but great famlies do. Jesus sat and dined around tables with politicians, leaders and people that were enemies with one another.
Jesus and a welcoming table have this ability to unite even the worse foes.

( See Micah 3:9, Isaiah 5:20, Genesis 13:8)