God Laughs

Psalm 59:8-10

When my son was in his toddler years, he had this habit that every time he took any of his toys back from the children he played with, he would pull the toy towards him and at the same time push the child down.

The push was not hard and mean but it did slow down the child to react and run after him.
Every time we had his friends over I use to see his scheme unfolding and laugh as I excused myself from talking with mums and stopped him before he accomplished his mischief. He didn’t fully understand how I knew, but I watched everything and observed him constantly, and at the right time I acted, mostly laughing at his cheeky ideas.
For God sees all of us, all our actions, thoughts and intentions are open before him.
God sees the giants that threaten us daily and smiles at them.
God looks at the dark forces that want to accomplish malice on earth and laughs at them.
From the very beginning, many have attempted to diminish the name of God from the face of the earth, yet God is still here. He, great in compassion and love, all-knowing and all-sufficient, sees all and cares for us.

It may look like darkness is reigning on earth, it may feel like everything is going wrong in your life and the enemy is winning the war, just wait and see for the mighty God laughs at man’s attempts to fool him and workes everything for good for those who love him and are called according to his purpose.

( See Proverbs 15:3, Romans 8:28, Job 34:21 )