Courage Flag

Psalm 60:4

There is no denying that we fight unseen wars. We wake up daily with a sense of worry that ’something bad might happen today’ lingering in the back of our head. Strangely enough, that fear seems even more conspicuous when things seem to go ’well’ in our lives.

This dread cloud orbits our heads and hearts daily waiting to capture our lives. In wars, the white flag is internationally recognized as a sign of surrender or negotiations. God, also raises a flag when we feel under attack and insufficient in energy and supplies to respond.

His banner over us is Love. His flag to look up when fatigued is called ’courage’ We lift our weary, beaten up heads and bravery stares at our faces.

Jesus on the cross is our confidence, ensign. Because he lives we can face tomorrow, we can be courageous and we can have peace in the battlefield.

( See Song of Solomon 2:4, Ephesians 6:10, 2 Timothy 1:7)