Glory Days

Psalm 63:11

When God is our God and when we earnestly seek him, glory is what we get.

It’s the honour of sharing his presence and the weight of his splendour. It’s the joy of a life living fully rooted in him. If you look at the story of Jesus you never see him in panic or crisis. He is peaceful, radiates with joy and always in his Father’s will. We behold with the glory of God, how?

By looking at ourselves? By looking at our problems? By comparing ourselves with others? No

Glory days are the days when we are aware of God’s grace, love and mercy through Jesus Christ and take that in and out of our being.

Let us marvel at the fact that you and I, once sinners and lost now, because of the cross are kings and priest, royal blood runs through our veins.
Although hard, let us accept that and stand in awe of God, rejoice in the fact that you and I are fully free, forever forgiven, then go on and share that glory with all.

( See John 17:22, 1 Corinthians 10:31, Isaiah 6:3)