The Unresolved Crimes

Psalm 64:6

Have you ever seen those ’real-life-programs’ about unresolved crimes and murders? Injustice and insults that have happened decades ago, still unresolved by the justice department. No one has seen or confessed to have witnessed the person who committed the crime.

There is this mystery surrounding some cases as though the person who did it was a ghost.

Many vices are happening right now and none sees them.

The perpetrators think that ’nobody will see or bring them to justice, ’ a lot of them perhaps never will be found. But not to God.

God always sees and judges sin and malice.

Nothing escapes him, no one. People can escape prison, punishment and justice, but they will never flee from God. God, the all-knowing and all-seeing, is a God of righteousness and truth. Before his throne, all our acts, thoughts and feelings will lay bare. Good, faithful as he is, will judge rightly.

Jesus came so that our sins will be forgiven and that we would live righteous lives. Jesus is the light nd there will be no darkness hiding from him.

God’s love reached us today, right now through Jesus Christ, God justice will be the same, through Jesus Christ.

( See Isaiah 30:18, Romans 12:19, Amos 5:24)