Bountiful Year

Psalm 65:11

We have just waved goodbye to the most distinctive year in many peoples lives. The year 2020.

The year of Covid-19, this global, strange and pain-stricken pandemic that took all people and places by surprise all over the earth.

The virus has changed how we do shopping, social gatherings, church, celebration, work, school and life in general. It has altered our routines and not all for bad. We are still in the middle of the pandemic, but there is this

‘fresh hope’ in the air that with the new year coming, new and better things will happen.
God, in His wisdom and loving-kindness, has allowed it, and I know that based on His Word and promises, God allows stuff that we see as bad and terrible only when there is much glory after them that it was before. Crucifixion is a great testimony of that truth.

At the present 2020 might go down in history as a year of great turbulence and trauma, as a year of awakening and great discovery, but rest assured, in the kingdom of God -2020 will be a beautiful year where his abundance of love and mercy poured down on humankind like never before.

Each year God crown it with a bountiful harvest. He has the last word.

( See Ephesian 5:3-5, Titus 2:11-12, John 17:23 )