Women of the Word

Psalm 68:11-14

Women know how to carry the good news well. It’s no surprise that Jesus Christ trusted and revealed his Messiah identity to the woman at the well before others.
It’s stunning and startling that he uncovered the meaning of resurrection to Martha and of course, he preferred to appear to them first on that Easter Sunday.

For we are uncomplicated when it comes to faith, we just need a whisper, a sign, an utterance from the Lord and we run with it.
We share it, we celebrate, we brave any difficulties and we make sure that the message is out and known. In the kingdom, women have a prominent role and Jesus Christ made sure to confirm that.

What about you my sister? Do you know that you are a woman of the Word? Do you know that the victory at the cross is entrusted to you alike our brothes to declare and testify? Many are doing it already, come join the mighty throng.

( See Exodus 15:20, John 4:26, John 11:25, John 20:1)