Wounded by God

Psalm 69:26

It’s mind-baffling to many of us when we hear or realise that: God will wound us to transform us.

We accept for example, that for a surgeon to get cancer out the body he needs first to cut the way in.
When we go to a doctor with an abscess the cut is vital for the pus to drain and heal.

We read in the Bible that when Jacob and God were wrestling together ( Genesis 32:22-32) Jacob was left with a limp. A person that has truly met with God is always marked. His walk in life and his posture are altered.

People may question his ways, we may reject his method, but like a loving father, he loves us and he transforms us, and that often means through pain. The Bible and the history of humanity tell us that: suffering handled with God is one of the greatest instruments that bring us to the understanding of our dependence on God and his love for us.

I am not saying here that suffering is to be enjoyed or make us unsympathetic to one another, all I am saying is that we worship a suffering saviour, suffering is part of our lives. With him pain will always have a purpose.

( See Job 2:10, 1 Peter 5:10, 2 Corinthians 1:3-4)